Lords Online

Lords Online 1.5.06281

Free multiplayer online fantasy


  • Lots to do
  • Long tutorials
  • Good community


  • Average graphics
  • Very slow paced


Lords Online is a fantasy Massively Multiplayer Online Strategy game. Choose from one of three races and build your Kingdom to fight against the forces of evil on the continent of Mu.

Once you have created your Lords Online player, from a pretty limited choice, you must set about building up two areas. You have a Town area, where the administrative buildings go, and the City, which holds your resources.

Lords Online is a complex game, but has extensive tutorials to get you started. It requires a lot of time as each action, like building a barn, takes a set amount of time and setting up your kingdom will take hours. This slow pace makes Lords Online a little frustrating, because it takes too long to get into some real action.

As well as the in-game tutorial, Lords Online has a lively community who are often happy to help newbies get started. The many tabs and menus mean it's easy to get lost.

In terms of graphics, Lords Online is pretty average. Everything is in 2D, and animation is minimal. Where the game stands out is in its depth and complexity. It's possible to play for free for as long as you want - although paying for game points will speed up your progress.

Despite its slow pace and aging graphics, if you're looking for a free MMO strategy game to dive into, you could do a lot worse than Lords Online.

Lords Online


Lords Online 1.5.06281

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